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Fuel your business’s growth with Gold Medal Funding’s quick business loans, strategic financing, and tailored solutions.

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Business Loans

Flexible financing solutions for your business.

Gold Medal Funding specializes in providing a comprehensive array of business loan options designed to address the unique financial needs of your business. Explore the flexibility of our terms, including 3-year, 5-year, and 7-year options, ensuring you pinpoint the ideal fit for your business’s success. Whether your goal is to fuel a business expansion, consolidate debt, make crucial purchases, or manage unexpected expenses, our diverse loan offerings provide the flexibility to choose a term aligned precisely with your business objectives and circumstances. Backed by our commitment to transparency, competitive rates, and personalized support, our business loans empower you to confidently navigate your business's financial endeavors.

Asset Based Lending

Fuel the growth of your business with asset-based lending.

Gold Medal Funding offers comprehensive Asset Based Lending services that give businesses a dynamic and adaptable approach to accessing essential capital. Our expertise lies in crafting tailored financial solutions by leveraging your valuable business assets, such as accounts receivable, inventory, and equipment, to secure a line of credit.

This allows you to unlock liquidity while maintaining your business's operational momentum. We collaborate closely with clients to design lending strategies that match your goals—ensuring a consistent flow of funds to empower your business and promote long-term prosperity.

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Revenue Based Lending

Financing aligned with your business’s cash flow.

Gold Medal Funding presents Revenue Based Lending, a dynamic financing solution that syncs with your business's cash flow and revenue performance. Our innovative options provide capital based on a percentage of your company's revenue. This personalized approach ensures that our Revenue Based Lending solutions are tailored to your unique circumstances, fostering growth, stability, and operational excellence.

Allowing for manageable repayment schedules, adapting to your revenue's ebb and cash flow. Our personalized support allows you to navigate financial challenges during lean periods and accelerate payments during prosperous times.

Lease Buy Backs

Unlock capital from your leased equipment.

Gold Medal Funding's Lease Buy Back services are a unique way for businesses to access immediate funds by selling leased equipment back to us while retaining its use through a lease arrangement. Convert the value of your leased equipment into liquid assets, enabling you to seize growth opportunities, settle outstanding debts, invest in new ventures, or strengthen your financial position.

Allowing you to optimize your financial flexibility and to continue benefiting from your equipment, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations. Our experienced team evaluates your equipment's fair market value and structures a lease agreement tailored to your operational needs. 

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